UFO – Cawston, Norfolk, 5/3/17

Do you want us to investigate: Yes

Date of sighting: 5.3.17

Time of sighting: 19.43

Geographical location of where you saw it: over cawston, norfolk

Country: uk

From which direction did it come (eg west): west

Which direction did it head to: west

Visibility & Humidity: good

Were there aircraft about, if so what: Yes, a bombardier her just took off from Norwich and was heading south but this light was darting around from about 15 miles away, we live in felthorpe and this thing looked like it was over towards cawston.

Describe what object/s looked like and what it was doing, distance, altitude and angle from you: It was a very bright white light that wasn’t flashing like an aircraft and it was darting in short bursts left to right up and down. Me and my wife both saw it and I tried to capture it in my phone but it was a dark background. I have this footage.

Were there other witnesses, if so how many: yes 1 my wife

other comments:

Can we display your UFO sighting on this site (wordpress) and facebook group? your name and email address will not be shown and will remain confidential.: Yes