UFO A11 Thetford,21/02/17

Do you want us to investigate: Yes

Date of sighting: 21/02/17

Time of sighting: 11.00am ish

Geographical location of where you saw it: A11 thetford suffolk

Country: United Kingdom

From which direction did it come (eg west): westerly

Which direction did it head to: up

Visibility & Humidity: fair

Were there aircraft about, if so what: i was driving south A11 thetford area there was ,, a few fighter jets around the mildenhall area as usual as there is us airforce base in the area , but i was some miles from that heading south as i said , A reflection caught my eye high up in the sky , i was expecting it be a a plane , but altho it was reflecting light it was round and also metallic but transparent if that makes sense thats what held my gaze , because i have never seen anything like it before you could see the outline but see the clouds through it but the day light was shining of it ..like an underside of a plane when the sun hits it then it went up through the clouds , i am quite interested if you would have an explanation of this could it have been a weather balloon ? or military ?

Describe what object/s looked like and what it was doing, distance, altitude and angle from you: as above it was hard to judge the distance or size although it looked pretty big and it must have been quite a few miles away maybe about 2000 feet or more the cloud was quite low it would have been easy to miss ! .

Were there other witnesses, if so how many: just other traffic on the A11

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Can we display your UFO sighting on this site (wordpress) and facebook group? your name and email address will not be shown and will remain confidential.: Yes